Sunday, January 6, 2013 marked the second meeting of 24-Hour Bookclub—a reading flashmob anyone can join.

After spending the whole day reading Both Flesh and Not (the new collection of essays by David Foster Wallace), I set my trusty reading device down and recorded the track above, alternately rambling and rejoicing over the experience.

So much happened, and for one day it all hung together. But the links are fading away already, so I wanted to make sure to collect them all in one place before the reality we inhabited for a single day disappears completely!

First and foremost: all tweets (over 200!) from all readers.

In-depth conversations about each essay on Branch.

Highlights and notes on Readmill.

(And don’t miss the nice blog post Readmill wrote about 24-Hour Bookclub!)

I’m so happy that this happened, and can’t wait to see it happen again.